The ten months between here and there

Well, Here I am, back again. A lot has changed since my last post here, now currently living in Canberra and ten weeks pregnant with our third (and last – I say, hopefully) child. We’ve never planned our kids. In fact, mostly, we’ve planned not to have kids, but each time they have surprised us and we are thankful.

Becoming pregnant sharply adjusts my worldview. I become more inward focused and I begin to want to do craft and create things. So, apart from the bags of wool surrounding my bed, this has turned my thoughts toward our dear bus. Oh bus, dear bus! Scrolling back through the archives of this blog has been rewarding me with remembrances of the hardest of times pushing through each build challenge and finally getting to the end of it to simply be faced with another. I guess in the end each relentless challenge was too much and we broke down a little there. Of course finance was an obvious hindrance. With Henry having to work more he found little energy for bus building. Gardening and chicken coop building projects also found their way to help us procrastinate, though the results were unsatisfying and should have served as a reprimand for not focusing on the main thing! Chickens were mauled or died from mysterious fits and diseases and veges died in Young’s wilting heat, though we did get some small harvest which was a joy.

So, all this to say, does anyone want to sponsor us to finish this goddam project!? We love our bus and with Henry’s engineering background it is proving a true work of art (see previous post – with the ceiling now painted it is looking better than ever, that is under the six months worth of dust!)

Bus Web (1 of 19)

With all the tiny house hype that is around our bus is a showcase for what can be achieved through the use of Sikaflex (the toughest glue on the market), Alucobond (Aluwell), aluminum framing and bog! No hefty plywood walls for us thank you very much. We have spared no detail: the roof painted with Thermoshield, each window tinted, the walls fully disassembled and insulated, new frame welded where necessary, total reconditioning of the water tanks, the interior design maximising room to move as well as storage space and a sense of openness, ceiling bogged and sanded to be ultra smooth and ‘invisible’, polished wood finishes next to slick Alucobond walls, door made to disappear into wall cavities and made as narrow as possible to maximise space, solar power installed, the back window painfully constructed to open wide up, trims where trims are needed, oh man, there is nothing that has not gone unnoticed or untouched on this bus!

If no sponsors arise we are, like the rest, forced to rely on our own ingenuity and juggling skills to figure out how we can finish the job with the resources available to us, as we will.

Meanwhile we are enjoying Canberra’s milder weather and abundant treescapes, looking forward to Autumn when I can take advantage of Canberra’s top mushrooming spots and now fitting a baby into a plan which was not.


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